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The Saracens High School


Our curriculum is demanding of our pupils and academically rigorous, and at the same time exciting.

Subject areas collaborate on topics; for example, there is joined up thinking between what is being studied in English, Art, and History, or between Geography and Spanish, to enable pupils to develop a more holistic understanding of the world.

We focus on mastery and understanding of skills and concepts, providing pupils with the ability to apply them to a range of contexts, which better prepares them for the demands of GCSE courses, which begin at the start of Year 9.

Our curriculum for character education permeates all subject areas, as well as enabling your child to gain NCFE recognised qualifications through the PiXL Edge programme. 

Information on courses available in Key Stage 4 will be published in 2020.

Information on courses available in Key Stage 5 will be published in 2022.