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The Saracens High School


To get in touch with the Governors, please email
OR send a letter to Kevin Perry, Chair of Governors, care of: Saracens High School, Lanacre Avenue, Colindale, NW9 5FN.

All Governors were appointed by the Trust.

The Clerk to the Governors is Lynne Evans and can be contacted via email at


Kevin Perry, Chair of Governors

Kevin has been a solicitor for 32 years, working as a commercial litigator.

For 25 of those years he has been a partner and for a large number of those years he has been the head of the litigation department. That has meant that among others he has developed the following skill sets: strategic thinking; organisational skills; an understanding of the importance of compliance; the highest demands for ethical standards; management of budgets; an ability to challenge people and fight a corner when necessary; good inter personal skills with an ability to work well in teams, and an ability to take tough decisions when needed.

He has been very fortunate in his career, and has always looked, albeit in a small way to contribute outside of his day job. This has included being the Chairman of a fund-raising committee for the NSPCC, helping to set up and then become a Trustee of the Royal Courts of Justice Advice Bureau and sit on its employment and finance sub-committee. He sat on the fund raising committee for sports tours of his sons’ school and he is also the head of Pro Bono in our London office and sit on the firm-wide international committee.

Term of Office: 1/9/2018-1/9/2022, Community Governor

Ann Bunyard

Ann is a retired book-keeper, and also ran a solicitor’s practice, who brings to the governing body experience as a governor at Mill Hill School.

She is a Saracens supporter and has a good understanding of the team values, which will be key in linking those values to the school community. She is a strong believer in sports for children as a way to engage with them education.

Term of Office: 1/9/2018-1/9/2022. Community Governor. Outcomes Committee

Matt Clackett 

Matt has many years of high level experience working across a number of specialised sectors, including automotive, music and music publishing, heavy engineering, journalism and software development. His work has taken him all over the world, with periods spent living and working in the USA, Japan and the Middle East. He currently works at Saracens High School as the Data Manager, which encompasses admissions, attendance, assessment and attainment, giving him a detailed understanding of the school's progress.

Term of Office: 1/10/18-1/10/22.  Staff Governor. Resources Committee

Lynda Corry

Lynda is an ISI School Inspector and an experienced educational leader, having held the roles of Head teacher, Deputy head teacher, Head of Department, teacher, and governor, in both the independent and maintained education sector.

She has over 20 years’ experience in safeguarding roles in a number of schools, 17 years of which have been as the Designated Safeguarding Lead in the relevant school.

Term of office: 1/9/18-1/9/2022. Community Governor. Outcomes Committee

David Gilani

David believes in the public good of education and the opportunities it creates for young people to develop into exceptional citizens.

Over the past seven years, he has taken part in a variety of paid and voluntary roles to support and champion pupils and young people.

He has also had almost four years’ experience as a trustee (including one year as chair), but would like to move his volunteering focus from the charity sector back to education, where his passions truly lie.

In his current job at Middlesex University, he works to support the experience of our current pupils within his role as Pupil Communications Manager. He will take the skills and experiences
that he has gained from this current position (and previous roles) within Higher Education and help apply them to Saracens High School.

Term of office: 1/9/2018-1/9/2022.  Community Governor. Outcomes Committee (Chair)

Charlie Gothold

Education is incredibly important and Charlie feels privileged to be able to use the skills that he has gained both personally and professionally to help Saracens High School shape its development.

He has extensive experience in working with children, such as acting as a leader on summer camps and managing an under 9's football team. The skills he has gained in my professional career as a solicitor; organisational, analytical and negotiation skills will be helpful in this role. In addition, he brings a good work ethic and mind-set.

Term of office: 1/9/2018-1/9/2022.  Community Governor. Resources Committee

Peter Harvey

Birmingham born and bred, during 34 years at Barclays, Peter undertook a variety of roles culminating in being CEO of the Corporate and Commercial Bank and Vice-Chair of UK banking.

After then undertaking a variety of non executive roles in a mutual, a PLC, a partnership, and a family owned business, he now focuses on being a mentor ( largely pro bono) to a variety of adults and students. The adults are largely business people or Saracens players considering life after rugby.

The schools/ students work, largely based in the north of England, came about by undertaking a talk and a q&a session at state schools organised by Robert Peston’s speakers for schools charity.

Peter is now excited to having been appointed as a Governor at the Saracens High School, focussing on Finance,People and Premises.

Term of office: 1/10/18-1/10/2022. Community Governor. Resources Committee (Chair)

Bina Omare

CEO of Colindale Communities Trust, a charity on the doorsteps of Saracens High School

Cohesive and engaged communities are a critical factor in ensuring our young people are holistically supported by education, parents/carers and the community, alongside strong and vibrant community organisations who provide a range of diverse support through extra-curriculum programmes.

Bina brings her extensive skills to an area which is undergoing significant regeneration. She has worked in the fields of regeneration and community development for over 25 years with a background in strategic development and innovation to deliver social and cultural impact, addressing the place-making and social value agenda, delivering a lasting impact on improving life chances. Bina wants to support the School through her strength in partnership development, and promote the benefits of the universal youth offer around Grahame Park where many of the students live.

Previous non-executive roles have been for a BAME housing association, Fair Finance (CDFI), and Community Assets Enterprise.

Term of office: 1/10/18-1/10/22. Community Governor (nominated by Local Community Association). Outcomes Committee

Dimpy Sanganee

Dimpy believes that school leadership teams and parents play an important role in school governance, where each party brings the valuable perspectives based of their priorities and experiences.

She also believes she would be able to provide a valuable insight to the decision-making and governance process as a neutral third party, who is passionate about education, its delivery and the well-being of children.

Until recently, Dimpy worked for the Department for Education. Her academic and professional experience lends itself to being able to take a step back and assess a situation by taking all factors into account. She has had to engage with a range of stakeholders, with varying interests and have had to facilitate mutual agreement on many issues. She has strong people skills, and married with her ability to sympathise with a multitude of views, she will be able to make a useful contribution to school life.

She will be able to add value to decision-making process through critically analysing information, weighing up the pros and cons against the school's core values and ethos, and ultimately being able to place the well-being of the children above all else.

Term of office: 1/9/2018-1/9/2022. Community Governor. Resources Committee

Saleem Sethi

Pending bio...

Term of office: 1/10/2018-1/10/2022. Parent Governor. Resources Committee

 Matthew Stevens

Term of office: 1/9/2018-1/9/2022. Ex Officio Principal Governor