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The Saracens High School


Our mission is to ensure that the Library is a welcoming and exciting space for our pupils, teachers and support staff members as we look to promote a love for reading throughout the whole school. Our Library seeks: 

- to encourage the pursuit of reading for pleasure as well as for academic development

- to support student achievement of curricular goals and objectives

- to encourage curiosity about the world through the world of stories

- to nurture lifelong readers by developing an intrinsic motivation to read

- to promote academic excellence and instil a lifelong love for discovery through books

- to nurture values of empathy, kindness, compassion, and resilience through reading

- to improve attainment in literacy and improve the reading ages of pupils across all year groups

Our Library collection is curated with an aim to support pupils to become enthusiastic readers, critical thinkers, imaginative writers, and skillful learners. In order to foster a love for reading, we believe that it is vital for our Library’s collection to reflect and represent our diverse community of pupils and staff. 

Saracens High School Library has a collection of over 4000 books (and growing), covering a wide range of fiction and non-fiction. Additionally, we also have a range of informative newspapers, magazines, and academic reference material for pupils across all year groups. Books can be borrowed for a duration of two weeks and can be renewed at any time. Additionally, at the start of each term, pupils are encouraged to apply to be a Pupil Library Monitor. This is a fun and educational position that enables pupils to develop important skills such as teamwork, organisation, and responsibility. Our Pupil Library Monitors play an active role in the daily maintenance and care of our Library’s book collection. 

Our fiction collection covers a wide range of genres, topics, and themes, categorised according to Accelerated Reader reading levels. We have a dedicated Diverse Voices section to celebrate and promote underrepresented voices in fiction. We also have a Graphic Novels section that is hugely popular with pupils. Regular promotional displays of new arrivals, reading lists, and Star Reader leader board displays also encourage reading for pleasure. Additionally, our physical Library is supplemented by our school’s Virtual Library where pupils can access thousands of eBooks and download them either through the desktop platform or on the mobile app.

Lastly, we also have a dedicated section in the Library for staff which hosts a rich variety of Teaching & Learning resources as well as books to aid wider professional and personal development.